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Shubha Biomass Briquette Pvt. Ltd. is a small enterprise working in the field of biomass renewable energy trying to bring changes to the traditional habits of using unclean and imported fossil fuels in Nepal. 

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We are an industry working in the field of biomass waste collection and converting them to biomass energy in the form of briquettes and pellets. We are also in the plan to manufacture carbonized pillow briquettes, dried premium fire-wood of different species for various purposes for cleaner burning of fuels.

With the local concept decreasing your carbon foot-print, we are trying to lessen the impact of foreign imported fossil fuels, efficiently use untapped local resources sustainably to proper use. We are also working on creating local opportunity for people in our neighborhood and also engaging local community to save forest and make proper use of the local resources to benefit the locals. 

It is about time, the people of Republic Nepal use their resources efficiently while protecting our environment for the benefit of all humankind and local living beings around us.

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Are you looking for a clean, cheap and efficient fuel made from waste for  your industry, home fire place or for open cooking in a mass.

We have a solution for you - BIOMASS BRIQUETTES


Why briquettes?

  • Easy to Store

  • Exact Amount of energy used (no of kgs of briquettes used)

  • Burns betters and more efficient

  • Easy Handling for Labors

  • Less Pollution

  • Environmentally friendly (You are using waste to energy)

It is a WIN-WIN situation, but WAIT, are we ready to move towards the RIGHT DIRECTION?

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