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Products & Services

Shubha Biomass is a briquette manufacturing company using locally available biomass around Chitwan area. Biomass such as industrial waste (saw-dust, wood waste), agricultural waste (rice-husk, corn-cobs and dried agro plants), forest waste (still trying to make this commercially viable) can be used to make briquettes which can be used a fuels for various industrial applications.

Depending upon the choice of raw materials we have been manufacturing briquettes. Mostly we produce saw dust briquettes of 60mm diameter size which are used for industrial applications such as boilers, furnaces and even in brick klins.


We have been manufacturing customized burning tools such as fire places, stoves for commercial applications which can use briquettes to replace expensive materials such as deisel and LPG.

Raw Material Supply

We have been getting request to supply saw-dust to various industries also recently. And thus we have been venturing in the opportunity to supply quality raw material as per requirement of the customers which meets their standard such as size, moisture content and texture of the raw materials.


We also do consultation on energy planning before establishing any kind of industries. It is very important to plan your energy needs before you plan your industry or else you will be spending a lot of OP-EX on fuels or will even have to plan for a new CAP-EX to replace your current energy source.

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