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Stoves and Fire Places

Finding a medium to burn your fuels efficiently is another part of making good use of your fuels. Thus, in addition to producing biomass briquettes we try to provide our customers with efficient stoves and fire places to help burn our briquettes efficiently. 
Stoves for commercial cooking

Burring briquettes with forced draft is the best way to burn the fuels efficiently and generate maximum output. Based on your needs we can help you design stoves and make proper use of briquettes.

Outdoor Fire Places

We have made several attempts to help our client to design outdoor fire places and in addition also design a heating system for warming the room during the winter season. As we get experience we are moving forward to designing an efficient and easy heating system with little energy required.

Corner Fireplace
Indoor Fire Places
with Chimney

In Nepal, there are a few indoor heating units in cities, but this is an integral part of the people who live in the mountains where indoor heat is essential to survive. We need to develop efficient and easy indoor heating units to improve the life style our our people in the mountains to make their lives comfortable.

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